Wireless Headphones Bluetooth OnePlus C6391 Handsfree

Price: 22.90

✅ Bluetooth / Aux Cable
Built In Microphone
✅ Accept MicroCD Card
✅ Built In FM Radio

Wireless Headphones White OnePlus C6391

The OnePlus C6391 headphones are equipped with Bluetooth technology, ensuring wireless communication with other devices such as a computer, smartphone or tablet.


✅  Bluetooth (2,401 – 2,480Ghz)
✅  Integrated microphone
✅  Perfect for phone calls
✅  Frequency range: 20 Hz – 20,000 Hz
✅  Output power: 35mW
✅ Noise / Signal Ratio: 88dB
✅  Range up to 10m
✅  Working time up to 4 hours
MicroSD slot up to 32GB
✅  FM Radio 87.5 – 108MHz
✅  5V USB charging, micro USB cable included
✅  Charging time up to 2 hours
✅  Built-in battery capacity: 150mAh
✅  3.5mm jack cable included
✅ BTS headphones


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