Mini Wireless Keyboard with Mouse – White

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โœ… Wireless keyboard with QWERTY layout
โœ… Plug and play


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โœ… The Keyboard is the MINI Type and measures 28.5cm x 12cm
โœ… The Keyboard has the Silicone Rubber Membrane (like you see in Chip Shop Tills) to stop Dust/Dirt but this simply peels off to expose Normal Keys as you would get on any other Keyboard.
โœ… On the Back of the Keyboard is the Battery Flap whih takes 2 x AAA Batteries (not included). Also on the Back are 4 Rubber Feet to stop slip.
โœ… The Mouse is also Tiny at just 8cm Long and 2.5cm at the Deepest Point. Both Left and Right Click work as Normal and the Roller Ball in the Middle Rolls and Clicks down.
โœ… Inside the Mouse (slide the top cover back to access the insides) is the slot for 1 AAA Battery (not included)
โœ… On the Bottom of the Mouse is the Optical Red Light and the slot where the Wireless Dongle is stored.
โœ… Simple take this Wireless Dongle out, push into your USB Port.
โœ… There is no ON/OFF Switch as the mouse turns itself off after 60 Seconds of Non-Movement.
โœ… When fully installed, and the Mouse is Turned On, you will simply be able to Type and Move the Cursor and be up to 10M Away from the Screen.
โœ… The Cursor appears when the Mouse is Moved and can be seen in Photo 4 Below. (Nothing better then having a Mouse and Cursor is there!)
โœ… In the Box will be, Keyboard, Mouse and Dongle.






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