Find Your Mobile Phone Number

5 Easiest Ways To Find Your Mobile Phone Number on Android – Quick Guide

You have a problem and that is you can’t locate your Android phone number. Your phone number is a new one and because of that you find it hard to remember the phone number. What we are going to learn is 5 easy methods to locate your phone’s number on your android device, so you can continue using your mobile without any problems.

To solve this problem, we compile this, a complete guide to find out, your own phone number, quite easily.

1. See Your Sim Card Packing

When you got or buy your sim card, it comes in a packing with some user-guide etc. On that packing, network companies print the phone number, mostly. If you could find that original packing, there are chances, you can find your mobile number printed. If you could not find packing, or there is no phone number printed, move to the next method.

2. Find Your Mobile Phone Number from Phone Settings

The most common way to find your phone number, on your Android phone, is from the phone settings.
Open Settings -> About Phone / About Device ->Status / Phone Identity -> Network. Your will see your phone number.

On Apple Mobile Phones, you will find it from Settings -> Phone -> My Number

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3. Use Code to Find Your Mobile Phone Number

Many network provide some special codes, when dialed, your number will be appear on your mobile phone screen. They are different from network to network.

For example, for Lyca Mobile in Portugal, Dial *#122# and Press Call
for Vodafone, UK – dial *#100# and Press Call

And so on..

4. Calling Your Friend or Family Member

This technique is being used for decade. It is straight forward and the easiest method. Just call your friend or family member, your number will be appear on their screen. If they are beside you, note down your phone number or ask them to text it back to you. Hey, but not every friend and family member is that responsive. No problem, next method is to call a FREE number. Read next method

5. Use This Website to find Your Mobile Phone Contact Number

If none of the above work, you can use website. Just open your phone browser, open the website and Press the Detect Now, button. It will show you a US random number to call (Don’t worry, It is free, as for as we know. until today, 08 Dec. 2021.) Just dial that given number, the line will be busy, they will hangup after 1-2 seconds. Your number will appear, on your browser window.

If None of These Works

If none of these works, that we are absolutely sure, will not happened, you have one last chance to know your number, by dialing customer service of your network provider, asking for help.

i9s TWS Earbuds Complete Pairing Guide!

i9s TWS

i9s TWS are low cost  hands free  Bluetooth headphones, very similar to AirPods.  A lot of customer may not know how to properly use the i9s TWS ear buds .  We will introduce you how to use i9s earphones effectively.

How to turn ON and OFF i9s TWS earBuds?

To Turn on : Long press the button of two earphones and wait for 3-5 seconds. When the red and blue light starts flashing, It’s mean the ear buds are turn on successfully.

To Turn off :  Long press the two power buttons until led light in red, the Bluetooth earbuds enter into off mode. It would be power off automatically when these are away from your Bluetooth device over 5 minutes.  No need to worry power drain quickly.

How to Pair i9s TWS Bluetooth earBuds With Your Phone or Device?

Step 1: Turn on i9s TWS Blueooth earbuds.

Step 2​: Quickly click one of the button on the earbuds, it will make the two bluetooth i9s TWS paired.

Step 3: When one i9s eaephone red and blue lights flash alternately, and the other blue light flash slowly. The i9s earbuds are paired successfully.

Step 4: Open the Bluetooth on the phone. Choose i9s-tws from the Bluetooth device list.

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How to listen music on i9s TWS Bluetooth?

Be sure the i9s TWS Bluetooth connected with you mobile phone.

Play/Pause: Shortly press the power button to stop the music and replay by press again.

Change the music: long press one button on the i9s TWS.

How to answer the incoming calls?

Answer the call: Press once the button on earbud.

Reject the call: Press twice the button on earbud.

How to charge the i9s TWS earbuds?

Place the i9s TWS earbuds into the charging case, that comes with the i9s TWS earbuds and connect the charging cable with the USB charger.

Review – Samsung Galaxy A01 Core

The Samsung Galaxy A01 Core is the fresh entry phone from the Samsung in Samsung A Series Smart Phones. The model of the Galaxy A line does not assure an “absurd screen and camera”, as the company’s jingle points out, but it still seems to meet the desires of those customers looking for a packed in smart phone to access social networks, send messages, among other basic tasks.

At an inexpensive price, Samsung deliver here a 5.3-inch screen, a single 8-megapixel camera and a 3,000 mAh good battery. But how does the smart phone works on a day to day basis? Is it worth what it price? Let’s find out in next few moments.


In a market conquered by large mobile phones with high price tag, the Galaxy A01 Core target the buyer who want to escape this tendency and manages to delight. In the words of the company, the device “has a compact format and ergonomic design”, features that I like – even more as the device fits fine in hands.

Do you already have the Galaxy A01? If so, it is surely essential that the Core does not look like the conventional version after all, at least in design. For an entry-level  smart phone, Samsung hasn’t given up on a high-quality finish; it’s not quite impressive, but it’s not bad either.

What stands out the most are the cross ways lines at the back that strengthen hold. In addition to serving to avoid the phone from slipping out of your hands, the stuff still doesn’t gather fingerprints.

Buttons and outputs are well spread on the device. The headphones output is positioned at the bottom, unlike the conventional A01, which conventional the speaker at the back. Rear on the Core, the P2 inputs for headphone and Micro-USB follow in the bottom area.


Samsung still manufacture devices with a lens and the Galaxy A01 Core is evidence of that. This model received an 8 megapixel camera with an aperture of f/2.2

The front, the 5 megapixel selfie camera (f/2.4) produce very stunning images and can embroider on the face, even in brilliantly lit environment. Running away from noises is almost impractical; at least they are not highlighted in powerful way.

Hardware and Battery

The A01 Core is made for basic smart phone needs. This means that only light games can run well on it. For large games that required a lot of processing, it may slow down. Be sure to use a microSD to store other data, if you ever run out of memory. Taking advantage, the drawer still accepts two chips for simultaneous use.

Even here, the company has placed a 3,000 mAh battery that should allow a day away from the socket, if you only use the device for social networks and calls. Connected to Wi-Fi and with full brightness, one hour of YouTube made the battery go from 100% down to 81. Samsung include a measly 5 watt power supply that makes the phone go from zero to 100% within 3 hours and 48 minutes.

Phone Specification

   Screen: 5.3-inch PLS TFT LCD and HD+ resolution (1480 x 720 pixels)
Processor: MediaTek MT6739 (up to 1.5GHz quad-core)
Storage: 16GB, expandable with microSD Card
Rear Camera: 8 megapixels, f/2.2
Front Camera: 5 megapixels, f/2.4
Battery: 3,000 mAh
OS: Android 10 Go Edition
Connectivity: Micro-USB, 3.5mm headphone jack, dual-SIM, Bluetooth 5.0, Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n
Dimensions and weight: 141.7 x 67.5 x 8.6 mm, 150 g

Ethical Note: The information provided here is with the best of our knowledge and presented here only for the information purpose. Do you necessary research before buying any products.

Pay As You Go Balance Check

Pay As You Go Balance Check Portugal – Eminent Complete Guide

You can always check your mobile phone balance on by dialing a code from your mobile phone device. Since these codes are different for different networks, we have compiled a list of mobile phone balance check codes for different networks operating in Portugal.

How Do I Check Moche Mobile Balance with Code?

Enter *#123# followed by the send/Call button.
Help Line: Call 120 90 / 16 200 from your Moche number in PortugalMoche Sim Card 1GB

How Do I Check MEO Mobile Balance with Code?

Enter #12399# followed by the send button.
Help Line: Call 162 00 from your MEO number in Portugal
MEO Sim Card 1GB

How Do I Check NOS Mobile Balance with Code?

Enter *111# followed by the send button.
Help Line: Call 169 90 from your NOS number in Portugal.
NOS Sim Card 5GB Internet

How do I Check Lyca Mobile Balance with Code?

You can always check your balance by dialing *131# (or *#123#) from your handset. Alternatively, you can call our Automated Voice Response on 321 from your phone.
Alternately Call 123 and follow the instructions.

To see your own number on Lyca Mobile dial *#122#

Help Line: Call 1632 from your Lycamobile number in Portugal Lycamobile Sim Card Portugal

How Do I Check UZO Mobile Balance with Code?

Enter *#123# followed by the send button.
Alternately, Call 1234 and follow the instructions.

Help Line: Call 1234 from your UZO number in Portugal
UZO Sim Card Portugal

How Do I Check Vodafone Mobile Balance with Code?

Enter *#100# followed by the send button.

How to contact Vodafone? Call 169 12 from your Vodafone number in Portugal.

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i12 Airbuds TWS Pairing Ultimate User Guide!

i12 Earbuds Pairing Guide

Since the i12 TWS Airbuds are connected straight out of the factory, they will turn on and pair each other automatically when you take them out of the charging case. The left Airbud will flash blue, while the red LED light of the right Airbud will turn off when they pair each other successfully. Continue reading i12 Airbuds Pairing Guide

1. How to connect the i12 TWS Airbuds to your phone?

The i12 TWS Airbuds support both binaural and monaural connections. Binaural connection

Step 1​: Take out both headphones from the battery case at the same time, the Airbuds flash red and blue light

Step 2​: Turn on the phone’s Bluetooth, and search for Bluetooth devices (i12)

Step 3​: After the successful connection, the “Connected” term will appear on the screen Monaural connection

Step 1​: Take one of the Airbuds out from the battery case, at the same time the Airbud flash red and blue light

Step 2​: Turn on the phone’s Bluetooth, and search Bluetooth devices (i12)

Step 3​: After the successful connection, the “Connected” term will appear on the screen

2. i12 Airbuds Guide Instructions- How to Play Music with i12 Airbuds TWS?

There are many i12 TWS Airbuds available for sale in the market. As i12 TWS is not a register name, it is used by different Chinese companies.  As a result, buyers have different touch control functions on different i12 TWS but mostly i12 TWS Airbuds have the following common touch control functions.

  • Pause/Play: A single tap on either Airbuds
  • Back: Double-tap on right i12 Airbud
  • Forward: Double-tap on left i12 Air bud
  • Volume Up: Triple tap on right i12 Air bud
  • Volume Down: Triple tap on left i12 Air bud
  • Call Siri: Press and hold the power button for 3 seconds during playback mode

3. i12 Airbuds Pairing Guide – How do I / you reset the i12 Airbuds TWS Airbuds? Pairing Problem Fix OR How do I factory reset my i12 TWS?

Step 1: Delete the left and right Airbuds pairing information from your device. In pairing mode, click the power button five times until the LED starts flashing red.

Step 2​: Long press the function key for 5 seconds to turn on the i12 TWS.

Step 3: Enter pairing mode which lasts about 5 seconds, and you’ll hear the “pairing mode” sound.

Step 4: When the left Airbud flashes blue, and the right Airbud light is turned off, the pairing is successful.

4. i12 Airbuds Pairing Guide – When connected, the left Airbud makes a “beep” sound, is it normal?

1. If the i12 TWS headset uses the left Airbud, it is possible that the left Airbud will try to search for the right earbud after an interval.

2. Another situation is that the power of the headphones is insufficient or the Bluetooth signal is not good, there may be a beeping sound. It’s normal too.

3. If the i12 TWS headset continues to make a “beep” sound, try to reset the i12 TWS headset.

5. i12 Airbuds Pairing Guide – Why does only one of the i12 TWS Airbuds works after the connection?

When you connect the i12 TWS, but only one of them works, it is possible that you activated monaural mode, or the connection is bad, to fix it, You can restart your i12 TWS.

How to Apply Tempered Glass to Your Mobile Phone!

Samsung A11 Tempered Glass

Switch off your mobile phone.

Remove from its protective case (if any) and gently peel off any film screen protective.

Step 1

Using the supplied alcohol prep pad thoroughly clean your screen and wipe dry with the micro fiber cleaning cloth. Gently peel off the clear protective mask labelled Step 1 from the supplied glass screen guardian ensuring you don’t touch the sticky face

Step 2

Carefully place the glass screen guardian on your phone screen ensuring the cutouts are correctly aligned. Then gently press and hold your index finger (far up to 10 seconds) in the center of your screen to complete the silicone adhesion. Any small bubble should disappear within 1-2 days.

Step 3

Gently peel off the second clear glass from the supplied glass screen guardian and install your chosen button sticker on your phone. That is it.

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